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Ventilation systems are designed to go unnoticed but provide a building with clean fresh air, creating the right temperature and air quality to achieve the right atmosphere for the purpose of a building. When ventilation systems become neglected or breakdown the required atmosphere can change drastically, air can become damp, décor can start to deteriorate, unfiltered air can contaminate a building leading to ill health of the persons occupying it and finally the risk of fire is increased due to the build up dry flammable materials within the system. For more informatioin on EnviroGroups Ventilation Duct Cleaning Northen Ireland including Belfast, Newry, Derry, Coleraine, Ballymena, Lisburn, Ballymoney, Newcsatle, Omagh – Contact us today.

A system which isn’t running efficiently will financially cost a company as energy costs are on the incline. A simple inspection can be carried out, which will identify the condition of the systems, any repair or cleaning works required, a breakdown of costs for the works and how often we recommend the system is inspected. Most ventilation systems are located above ceilings in roof voids, so knowing the condition of the system without a proper professional survey is virtually impossible. If there are signs of debris or discolorations around the face of a grille or louvre it is pretty much safe to say there will be some form of contamination within the ductwork systems.

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Insurers are now looking for kitchen extract systems to be cleaned to TR19 standards in order to eradicate any fire hazard. If the planned and reactive maintenance does not meet the requirements of the insurance policy, in the occasion of a fire, the insurance company will not accept your claim, even if the fire was not started in the extract system.

Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is the basis of health and safety in Great Britain. The act provides guidelines as to how employers act towards employees and members of the public including customers, and employees have to themselves and to each other. Not having an effective maintenance plan for ventilation systems can be a major fire hazard which can cause harm to your employees and the public.

The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 was introduced to emphasise Health & Safety at Work etc Act 197. Once again it provides guidelines for employees and employees including customers or other contractors. The overall aim is to make every employer aware of the need to carry out a risk assessment of all ventilation systems.
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states any person who has any level of control within the organisation must take reasonable steps to reduce any fire hazard. This can be completed by carrying out fire risk assessments, by considering who is at risk within the organisation, ensure any flammable materials are stored properly, create an emergency plan, and record any emergencies.

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